Perspective vs. Prospective...That is the Question!

So we know what you are thinking, shouldn’t the name of this company be Perspective180 and not Prospective180? We are so glad you asked! As owners, this question has been brought to our attention quite frequently? There was even one individual that said, “You might want to redo your cards because it says prospective and not perspective”. Yet, even though we know the story behind the name, we continue to meet each question with a smile, head nod and a brief explanation of the “why”. It is at that point, that we receive the infamous, “ohhhh…ok, I understand now”. So, let us explain. Perspective, according to Webster, is the state of existing in space before the eye or simply put one’s own poin

Generation X: The Power Outage

Power can be defined as the ability to elicit change in an individual or a system—true power is shared and inspires transformation—it creates and leaves a legacy that connects to all that it touches. Its primary purpose of existence is to ignite inspiration. Teaching and learning are the most authoritative entities that currently exist in our society. Educators, play vital role in sustaining our civilization through creating and enforcing the cognitive ability to learn. However, lately many conversations center around the loss of “power” with Generation X. Almost like a power outage that takes place when the fuse burns out. In order for the “power” to be restored, one must trip the breaker.

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