How Can You Support the Student Beyond the Walls?

Students all over the country enter our schools every day, to receive an education that society has designed to create the foundation for their own jumpstart for success. They sit down, they smile, they trust, they feel secure and safe. However, the same smiles we see are often mask of true feelings, true struggles, and true reality of what is really going on in their heads. There are some students that are so troubled, and that gets pushed along as a behavior concern, ADHD, or just too far gone. Nevertheless, how many of these same students are the ones that try to find the inner strength to carry on from day to day. Some of these particular students, only have the meals within school hours

Students Will Become Who They Think They Should Be

Not too long ago, a friend who had sustained great success as a teacher shared most her memorable story as a teacher with me. She told me, that on the first day of every school year she did the same thing. She asked students in her English classes questions to get to know them, and she shared her life journey in the form of a life map. Students always entered the class, she introduced herself as Mrs. Jacobson and proceeded to show them, via her life map, how she arrived into teaching. Each year, she expressed the importance of her journey, and how each experience made her who she was today. She then gave students supplies and asked them to create their own map, outlining their future number

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