Chelsia Calvert is a person of passion, confidence and has a spirit that fosters the ongoing pursuit of success. 


She is from Atlanta, GA. and enjoys spending time with her husband and their four children, writing, and living every day like it is the last. She did not take the traditional path to the field of education. After obtaining a B.A. degree in Communications from Savannah State University, she gained seven years of sales experience while holding the titles ranging from Sales Associate to Market Development Manager. Even though she enjoyed sales, the interaction with CEOs, and delivering successful results, it was not her field of passion.  


After relocating with her family to Houston, TX, she decided that it was time to follow her heart, and become an educator. Seeing fit to bridge the gap between her corporate background and her new teaching profession,  she obtained a Masters in Education Leadership. Doing so has allowed the gain necessary skills and knowledge, to be successful in the field of education. She has years of experience teaching Kindergarten, second, third and fourth grades. She also has experience as a behavior specialist and principal,  before pursuing her most recent position as an education consultant. In addition, she is currently obtaining her second Masters in Professional Counseling with an emphasis on family and adolescence well-being, which will help support the next phase of her journey. All of the above has helped cultivate her natural passion. Webster defines passion as a strong feeling of enthusiasm and fulfillment. Some might ask where did her passion come from. For her, the question is easy to answer.

Chelsia grew up in a family of educators. Her grandmother is a retired special education teacher, and her mother has forty years of experience and counting. She often says that she realizes that they are the two women that laid the foundation for my appreciation towards learning and fostered the aspiration that has helped her guide the next generation toward success for so many years. Her mother taught her that every moment in life can become transformed into a teachable moment. She never stopped asking questions, which in essence taught her to think critically and outside the box. As a result, her mother inspired her to become an educator that is willing to take the extra step, leap the extra yard, and go that extra mile. She simply took the foundation that she laid and started to build.


Throughout her education journey, Chelsia has continued to build through life, the classroom, the school, the community and now perspective 180. She has smiled, laughed and even cried. It is her passion that keeps her going, it is the students that keep her building, and it is the future that gives her the vision to believe.

Chelsia Calvert 

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