Generation X: The Power Outage

Power can be defined as the ability to elicit change in an individual or a system—true power is shared and inspires transformation—it creates and leaves a legacy that connects to all that it touches. Its primary purpose of existence is to ignite inspiration. Teaching and learning are the most authoritative entities that currently exist in our society. Educators, play vital role in sustaining our civilization through creating and enforcing the cognitive ability to learn.

However, lately many conversations center around the loss of “power” with Generation X. Almost like a power outage that takes place when the fuse burns out. In order for the “power” to be restored, one must trip the breaker. This same scenario can can often reflect the “the learning fuse” that is within the students of the 21st century. Their fuse requires a different approach of how “power” is gained and maintained throughout the learning environment.

There has been an evident shift in education from “teacher-run” classrooms (the teacher is the focus) to “teacher-facilitated” classrooms (the students are the focus). Within “teacher-run” classrooms, students are not provided the opportunity to explore and develop their own personal understanding of the taught material; however, in “teacher-facilitated” classrooms, students are presented with the skills to be autonomous learners, while the teachers serve as learning coaches. It is now, more important than ever to limit the restrictions that are placed on students. It is our responsibility to provide them with as many opportunities as possible to explore their own individual learning paths. This task is not easy, and it requires an extraordinary amount of planning and focus, but the results are well worth the effort. It would be great if each student had his or her own individual teacher, but the reality is teachers can have up to 30 or more students in one class. This reality makes it difficult for students to receive the facetime to maximize their potential. Here at Prospective180 we have developed a program that makes learning more personalized --allowing students to become active participants instead of passive learners, thus improving successful habits and springboarding growth. This model requires a different mode of teaching. Instead of starting with curriculum, we lead with building relationships through the development of peer teams, the search for purpose, the cultivation of passions, and identification of learning modalities.This POWERful model is a continuous process, and we use P.O.W.E.R, which stands for: P-personal O-open W-willing E-enriched R-reciprocal relationships This is how we continue to grow within the learning environment. We believe, in order for individuals to realize the full scope of their futures, they must have the ability to see and trust that their foundation is rooted in positive relationships which enables them to understand their skillsets, influence their peers, embrace adversity, and become successful.

In the future, the loss of P.O.W.E.R. should not be an option. It is up to the educator to trip the breaker, and ensure that the “learning fuse” avoids the learning power outage.

For more information how to gain P.O.W.E.R contact us via phone/email:

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