Perspective vs. Prospective...That is the Question!

So we know what you are thinking, shouldn’t the name of this company be Perspective180 and not Prospective180? We are so glad you asked!

As owners, this question has been brought to our attention quite frequently? There was even one individual that said, “You might want to redo your cards because it says prospective and not perspective”. Yet, even though we know the story behind the name, we continue to meet each question with a smile, head nod and a brief explanation of the “why”. It is at that point, that we receive the infamous, “ohhhh…ok, I understand now”.

So, let us explain. Perspective, according to Webster, is the state of existing in space before the eye or simply put one’s own point of view at that moment. See, perspective is limited. It only allows a person the ability to see within their own cognitive radius and not beyond it. On the other hand, prospective is defined by Webster, as likely to become, relating to or effective in the future. In essence, the questions boil down to “er” versus “ro”, which are subtle differences, with a huge impact when it comes to their meanings.

This particular revelation brings us to the reason why prospective was chosen. Prospective180 strives to make a positive impact on all of our clients through the development of present thought and future intuition. If we only influenced their perspective, that knowledge would eventually fade. Instead, as a company, we enhance one’s own perspective, by adding intellectual skills of prospective that can be used in the future. Prospective180 partnered with our clients (also signifying 180) equals the complete circle of growth, development, and student success throughout the learning community.

Now, you understand why we chose “prospective” and not perspective. No, we didn’t misspell it or mess uploads of marketing material. It was done intentionally, to support our mission and vision, for our 21st-century educational consultant company. All things considered, Prospective180 will continue to make a lasting effect throughout the field of education, locally, national and worldwide. Can we change your prospective?

For more information of how to a new prospective contact us via phone/email: (832) 510-4697 or

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